Walking tour
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Walking tour

If you want to experience our town from first hand and have the tour guide only to yourself, this is the tour for you. Explore what secrets lay beneath the streets, why does the cannon shoot every day at noon and what is the traditional cuisine.

About the experience

Taking a walk with you local tour guide will give you a perfect insight into the life, tradition, culture and fun facts about the town but will also give you the opportunity to ask anything and get suggestions on what else to do, where to eat or shop. Start the tour by passing through the main tunnel which will lead to the shortest funicular in the world. Then briefly stop at the main square where a guide will introduce the history of the town.The next stop is the the cathedral - sacred building and one of the most valuable monuments of our cultural heritage.

Afterwards see the oldest open market on the site of the demolished old walls in the Upper town. See one of the best preserved monuments of old town and symbols of the town in general. Listen to one of the most interesting and unusual stories that lay beneath these old walls.

Next stop is the main square and church. Find out about one of the most influential kings, peasant rebellions and many more unique stories and facts from the past. Stop by the tower and find out why the canon shoots every day and use the opportunity to take pictures at the best viewpoint in the city.

What's Included:

Professional licensed local guide

Funicular ride

Entrance to viewpoint

$ 160.00 USD