Sunset dinner
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Sunset dinner

The candlelight dinner is all about privacy, mesmerizing views, and delightful food, all shrouded in the glow of the spectacular sunset.

About the experience

We will take the stress off the menu away, relying on the freshest available ingredients of the day to produce a meal and gourmet experience which will linger much longer in the memory that it does even on the palate. Simply decide on which option is right for you – fish, meat, vegetarian – including any dietary requests, then settle down into the comfortable setting with your loved one and a glass or three of wine and watch the evening unfold as the sun sets before your eyes.

This is no ordinary dining experience, nor one which most will repeat. It is one of those unique moments in life which will truly take your breath away. Or the breath of your loved one, so if you are looking for the perfect spot to propose or celebrate a significant anniversary, you can stop your search here.

What better location can you possibly find for that special moment to propose? Total privacy (apart from our attendant but unobtrusive staff, waiting to deliver your every wish) in an olive grove, overlooking a stunning sunset.

The Sunset Dinner is an unforgettable authentic experience which will linger long in the memory.

What's Included:

Transfer from your accomodation

Dinner for two persons

Breathtaking view

$ 340.00 USD